POWER EDUCATION & PUBLICATIONS is the new star in the publishing world. Our work is based on solid research and combined with fresh ideas and innovative techniques. We offer high-quality ESL materials while also providing a unique website for distance learning.
Our organisation was developed by a group of highly qualified experts from different countries, with the aim of improving English language materials for educational institutions. We continually design, edit and publish new books for the worldwide market, enjoying both success and high levels of student satisfaction.
Willingness to innovate and commitment to service are our trademarks. We employ creative people who have good business sense. Our goal is to continue developing new, practical and cost-saving products, providing teachers and students with the most effective and up-to-date learning tools.

For Students

Our top priority is to help ESL students of different ages and levels to learn English quickly and efficiently. Thus, we focus on the development of students’ cognitive skills, starting from the preschool stage and continuing through the beginner, intermediate and upper levels.

Our goal is to prepare students for ESL examinations as well as for their future professions. By gaining a solid and in-depth knowledge of English, they can become qualified to pursue successful careers and to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

For Individuals

Individual customers are one of our most important priorities. Our staff are friendly and will be happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have. We make every effort to respond, process orders and deliver our products in the fastest and most efficient way.

For Schools

POWER EDUCATION & PUBLICATIONS a new and rapidly growing company, offers its unique services to schools and their students. All our publications are suitable for school curriculums. They are based on modern pedagogic methods and are accompanied by the most powerful and sophisticated learning tools. Our ESL textbooks are well organised, easy to use, and appealing to both teachers and students, thus guaranteeing maximum effectiveness in the teaching of English.

For Business

POWER EDUCATION & PUBLICATIONS offers its services to companies and enterprises with great success. Managers need not worry anymore about sponsoring an effective training programme, suitable both to their budget and to the conflicting schedules of their employees.

Now the dream can come true with our ultramodern, up-to-date ESL publications combined with a powerful online course. This gives you the perfect opportunity to achieve your goal: to greatly improve the language performance of your staff with the smallest possible effort and at the lowest cost. Our integrated e-learning tools will allow your employees to enjoy the study of English at their convenience, unrestricted by time and space limitations.