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General English for Adults

Target 2

Beginner course for adults (CEFR A1 Level)

Target 2 is perfect for adults who want to refresh their English, or start learning from the beginning. It includes grammar and vocabulary that will provide the foundation of your future success with the English language.

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Conversation for Adults

Everyday English

Conversation course for Pre-Intermediates (A2)

Not sure what to say? Speak freely with Everyday English, from AXON.

Practise your speaking and learn common phrases used to talk about careers and work, as well as topics from TV serials and in films. Everyday English includes activities and audio that will let you communicate with ease.

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For Young Learners

Animal Friends – Junior B

Beginner course for young learners

Animal Friends is a fun and exciting way to learn the basics of English. Join Ozzy and his friends in their adventures and listen to their stories. Your child will love hearing the Animal Friends read aloud in English as they teach basic grammar and vocabulary.

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For Children

Motivation 2

Intermediate course for children

At what age did Lionel Messi start playing football? Do apes have their own language? How much of the world’s surface is covered in tropical rainforests?

Your child will love learning more about their football heroes and their favourite animals — and they’ll get to practice grammar tenses and listening skills while they’re at it.

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IELTS preparation